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About Us

Five Eleven Model Management is a scouting agency located in Germany and New York City that discovers new models and places them with modeling agencies worldwide. We guide them to take the first steps into the modeling and fashion industry and prepare them for a long-lasting career.

Five Eleven is a relatively new scouting agency. It was founded in 2010 by a group of model scouts and photographers, which have more than 25 years experience in the modeling and fashion industry.

Since we provide both scouting and photography services, we have the ability to perform test photo shoots for new talent to test their model potential and to start building a photo portfolio for our models.


How we distinguish ourselves from other scouting agencies

We never charge our models any costs incurred for photo shoots, model portfolios, styling, runway training, placement with agencies etc.  

This is what distinguishes Five Eleven from other scouting agencies or less legit scouting services, which charge the model fees for casting, website access, photo shoots and model portfolios irrespective of the applicant’s talent and potential. Since these companies already earn their money upfront they don’t care about placing models with agencies.

Five Eleven only represents models, which we deem to have significant potential to be successfully placed with a modeling agency and to work as professional model. Only after a model has been placed with an agency and starts earning money doing runway shows and photo shoots, Five Eleven will receive a share of the commission that customers pay to the modeling agencies for booking a particular model. This commission does not come out of the model’s payment.


The Scouting Process


We discover our talent either in person through scouting events and castings or through online model applications. We require photos and sometimes videos to evaluate an applicant's model potential.

We will invite models with potential to a test photo shoot to evaluate if they could work as a professional model and to start building up their professional portfolio. Before presenting them to agencies, we will advise them on general aspects of the modeling world (how do castings work, how much money do models earn, how to deal with agencies, bookers and photographers, etc.) and specific issues (measurements, styling, posing, runway walk, attitude, travel availability, etc.). This preparation increases a model's chances of successful placement with an agency significantly versus approaching agencies on their own.

Throughout our models' career continue to provide guidance and organizational tasks as their mother agency.