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Introducing Tomek

Tomek is 21 years old, from Bremen, Germany. He is 6'2" / 1.86 tall, blond, blue eyes.

Next to modeling, Tomek is a student at a university in Gelsenkirchen pursuing a degree in business law. But originally, business or law were not Tomek's passion...

After graduating from high school it was Tomek's dream to become a jet fighter pilot in the German military. After countless tests stretched over almost a year he was getting close to his goal: he made the group of top 15 candidates out of 8,500 applicants. But eventually, only the top 3 were picked and Tomek unfortunately wasn't one of them.

However, the determination, endurance and work ethic he learned from the military make him now a great model, whose professionalism, punctuality and drive to succeed are unmatched.

Oh, and did we mention his great looks.Tomek keeps his body not only fit with regular sports like working out in the gym or playing soccer, he loves extreme sports...he is a passionate sky diver and his dream is to one day be able to make a solo jump in a wing suit.

When they hear his name, people usually think that Tomek is Polish, since it's the Polish version of "Thomas". But he is all German, only his mom did not want to give him a typical German name and liked the sound of the name Tomek.


After traveling for modeling jobs already to Los Angeles, Cape Town, and Honolulu / Hawaii, Tomek is experiencing his next big adventure: he's currently modeling in Shanghai / China for a few of the fastest growing fashion markets in the world.